Hotels in Longuyon

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Longuyon Details

Longuyon is located in the Meurthe et Moselle region of northeastern France. This area of France is located near the German border. The town is small and has much Canadian influence, because for years there has been a particular area of town that many Canadian transplants called home. You’ll find beautiful streets and plenty of small restaurants and hotels in Longuyon. It’s truly a beautiful traditional French town.When visiting Longuyon, be certain to visit the town of Nancy. This is one of the most populated and urbanized towns in this region. It’s a wonderful place to people watch, shop and eat and a visit here makes a nice day trip for a change of pace from the quiet atmosphere of Longuyon. is a great source of information on Longuyon hotels and those in Nancy, too. You’re certain to find this to be one of your favorite parts of France.