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Longwy is a nice village located near the borders of Luxemburg and Germany. This town with approximately 15,000 inhabitants is ideal for a quick vacation during the weekend. Longwy is a place ideal for visitors who want to have a short stop before continuing either to Luxemburg or to Germany. While staying there, you can visit the churches built during the 1800s such as the Eglise Saint-Dagobert and Eglise Sainte-Trinité. You can also visit the historical structure Le Château de Longwy, built in the 10th century but is now in ruins. However the best attraction is L'Enceinte Fortifiée de Vauban or the Fortification of Vauban which surrounds the whole village.Most of the hotels in Longwy follow the medieval ambiance of the village. You can see the pictures of Longwy hotels in and book your reservation online. You can also check out some of the discount hotels Longwy has to offer. If you are staying in Longwy for an extensive holiday, you may want to choose the Longwy cheap hotels instead.