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      Verdun is a town located in the French department/province of Meuse, and is the scene of the Battle of Verdun in 1916 between France and Germany. More than 800,000 people lost their lives during this battle. Today, there are many monuments in Verdun that pay homage to this historic time in history. This is a lovely area with verdant farmland and forests, and to look at it, it's difficult to imagine the horrors that took place here. Some of the areas in Verdun that will be of interest to tourists include the War Cemetery, where the unidentified remains of both German and French soldiers have been laid to rest. Fort de Douaumont was used during WW1 by the Germans to house soldiers, and is close by the War Cemetery.The Tranchee des Baionnettes, or Trench of Bayonets, is an actual trench where two full platoons of French soldiers were hidden during a German bombing. These soldiers were buried alive, standing upright, with their bayonets sticking up out of the ground. These bayonets have since been stolen, but the somber ambiance of the trench lives on. The Riverfront in Verdun is a wonderful place to sit outside and have a meal on one of the two main quays, specifically the London Quay, which is lined with many restaurants and cafes. Hotels in Verdun generally have comfortable and well appointed rooms which give visitors to the area a grand place to relax and get ready for the next day's sightseeing. If a cheap hotel room is what you want, call on for assistance in finding a lovely room that will cost less than you expected.