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      Carnac is a small town in the northwestern part of France with a population of less than 5,000 people. This town is known throughout the country as the site where mysterious prehistoric stone alignments were discovered, and it draws many history buffs during the weekend. Carnac features more than 500 megaliths within the town area, and they are divided into three alignments, namely, the Alignements de Menec, the Alignements de Kermario and the Alignements de Kerlescan. These natural wonders are chronicled a museum dedicated to their interest, which is the Musée de la Prehistoire. There is also a famous stone structure called Le Tumulus Saint-Michel which dates back to 4500 BC. Other than these archaeological wonders, Carnac is also well-known for its beautiful beaches, including the Plages Men Dû and Plages Beaumer.Hotels in Carnac are mostly located within good proximity to the prehistoric sites and beaches. And some of these Carnac hotels are offered as discount hotels. Carnac can be explored on foot or on a bicycle, but it is best that you join the guided tours organized by the hotels. If you are looking for Carnac cheap hotels, you can find complete information about them at the web site.