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    The town of Carnac is one of the places in France that many tourists head on to and this is largely because of the menhir fields that can be found here. As such, quite a number of the attractions of the town are connected to these rocks. One of these is the Archeoscope, which is among the informative attractions in Carnac.A modern cinema project that is meant to tell the great story of the ancient phenomenon that brought the menhirs to the town, the Archeoscope can be found quite nearby to the main field of menhirs located at the outskirts of the town. As one of the attractions in Carnac that are well worth your time, the museum offers a manner of learning about the Neolithic times that is quite fun. The changes that happened in the world since the appearance of the strange menhirs in the countryside, which are hundreds of miles away from where they are supposed to be located, are also shown in the center. The shows here are in the English language and are available twice a day.

    Address: LIeu-dit le Ménec, 56340 Carnac, France

    Phone: +33 2 97 52 29 81