Hotels in Carnac Beach

    Carnac Beach Details

    The menhirs in Carnac are not only the points of interest that can be found in the town. In fact, the town holds more attractions. You can enjoy one of the best things to do in Carnac as well as in any other destination in the world, which is lounging around at the beach. This can be done exactly at the Plage de Carnac or the Carnac Beach.After taking in your fill of the compelling Neolithic rocks that put Carnac as one of the top tourist hot spots in the world, you can head on to the Carnac Beach to just relax. Lined with bars and cafes, there are enough facilities in this beautiful beach that can provide you with refreshments or light meals. Enjoying the Atlantic waters in this beach is just one of the things to do in Carnac that both locals and tourists love. As the beach is quite popular among visitors, it can be very busy during the summer months.