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La Roche-Bernard is a small town with less than a thousand inhabitants. Located southwest of France, this town is an ideal place for a peaceful weekend. La Roche-Bernard is known primarily as a port that was used since the 10th century but now the town is known for its medieval structures. The Chapel of Notre-Dame in this town was built during the 11th century, and its present church is a restoration from the 17th century. There are also houses built in 17th century that can be found in the port. Theres also the Maison des Basses-Fosses that was built around the same time. This mansion is known though France as a mansion built on a rock. The government structures, Hotel de Ville and their Office of Tourism were built during the 16th has a comprehensive list of La Roche-Bernard cheap hotels. Some La Roche-Bernard hotels are located near these historical places and they can give you a guided tour around the places. The hotels in La Roche-Bernard can also assist you for your transportation to a nearby tourist spots. You may search for vacation packages offered by some discount hotels. La Roche-Bernard will make sure you have the best time there.