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    In the olden days, the people of Vannes were known to be great warriors of the sea. These warriors controlled the gulf that even Julius Caesar had a hard time defeating. They were eventually defeated by the Romans but not before displaying their prowess of the sea. Today, youll be able to appreciate their deep history in their Musée de Vannes. Theres also the Cathédrale St-Pierre, an 18th century church that seem to tower above everything in this town. When you go this place for the weekend, Vannes is widely visited because of the Parc du Golfe. Its main feature is not golf itself but the Aquarium where rare marine life such as the Venezuelan four eyed fish and the Mexican fish with no eyes take residence. Youll find various hotels in Vannes scattered all over the town. Near the port that faces the gulf, youll find interesting Vannes hotels. Aside from being discount hotels, Vannes accommodation is something to behold. Even with the history of being hostile, the accommodation is good even in Vannes cheap hotels. Youll find all the hotels that you need online in