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    Archaeology Museum Details

    Most of the museums in France draw a lot of tourists because the collections that they house, and some of them are even made more attractive by the magnificent architectural styles of their buildings. One such museum is the Archaeology Museum which is regarded as one of the best attractions in Vannes.This museum can be found quite close to the heart of the old city of Vannes. It is home to a vast collection of artifacts that were gathered from various excavations in Europe as well as other parts of the world. There are treasures in the museum that date way back to thousands of years ago, and also some that are from the last few centuries. This Archaeology Museum is housed in a mansion that was built in the 15th century, and its wonderful architecture make the museum all the more appealing. As such, the museum is known as one of the most visited attractions in Vannes, and it is particularly popular among people who are interested in objects of great historical significance.

    Address: 2 r. Noé F, 56000 Vannes, France