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A visit to Meisenthal, France would not be complete without exploring the glass and crystal-making crafts that have made the area famous. If you have come to the Moselle region specifically to do some crystal shopping, pick a cheap hotel in Meisenthal near the Glass and Crystal Museum. You can get inspired there first and identify the kinds of works you would like to purchase.There are other sites in Meisenthal, of course. If you love museums, book your budget hotel in Meisenthal near the Cour dOr Museum complex. Or, you can look on for a hotel near the Saint-Etienne Cathedral. It was first built in the 12th century, but was expanded in the 16th century. Other sites include the Place dArmes Square where the town hall is located, the old fortified city gate called the Porte des Allemands, or the medieval charms of the Place de Saint-Louis. If you have time, consider a trip to the nearby town of Metz. It is the capital of the Lorraine province.