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    France is almost replete with museums that are housed in centuries old structures. Because of this, the museums in the country are frequented by visitors not only for their collections but also for their architecture. One of such museums is the La Cour d'Or Museum, which is one of the attractions in Metz.The structure that houses the museum has been through a great deal of changes over the many centuries that it has been at the heart of Metz. It was primarily built as a granary during the 15th century and was converted into a convent in the 17th century. At present, the museum is among the best attractions in Metz as it carries a huge collection of artifacts and works of art in its more than 60 rooms. The antiquities displayed in the museum came from the times of the Romans and a vast collection of European paintings could be found here as well.

    Address: 2 Rue du Haut Poirier, 57000 Metz, France

    Phone: +33 3 87 20 13 20

    Open hours: 9:00 am 6:00 pm