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If you like marshes and forests and enjoy walking, canoeing, skiing, cycling and horseback riding, you will love Nièvre. The region is full of canals and their adjacent pathways. You can follow the various pathways by foot or on a bike. Nièvre becomes, therefore, one long affordable trek across the countryside. Nièvre is not a small region an extended stay is always worth it. There are many different sights to enjoy, including those in St. Parize-Le-Châtal, Decize and Nevers. Decize attractions include the Convent of Mary and the St. Arc Church with its 11th century choir stalls. In St. Parize-Le-Châtel, you can visit the Resistance Museum. There are a number of interesting sights at Nevers. You can go to the Palais Ducal with its Renaissance façade and polygonal towers. In Nevers, another attraction is the St. Etienne Church, a Romanesque work from the 11th century. Be sure to visit the well-known sight of St. Cyr Cathedral with its Gothic monolithic columns and 16th century sculpted Entombment in the crypt. There is also a 6th century baptistry.