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The town of Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire is found in the Nievre department of France. The farming and wine making region has a history that dates back to the Paleolithic Age, as proven by a number of artifacts taken from the land around the town. Unfortunately, the Hundred Years War destroyed some monuments in the area, but there are still several worth seeing. Plus, the towns importance in regional trade means that you might be sharing your discount hotel with those in town for business as well.Cosne started with a castle that was built in the 5th century, and as a number of houses were built around the castle, a town was born. In the 9th century, the defensive watchtower, la Tour Fraicte was built, as was La Chapelle Notre Dame de Galles. The church of St. Jacques sits on the foundations of an earlier 11th century structure, and the Church of St. Agnan dates to the 12th century. Also visit the Augustins Convent, built in 1616. One other interesting fact about the town it was chosen in the 17th century to be the sight of the royal factory in order to make anchors for the Navy.