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The region of Nimes in the south of France will always be connected with one of the most popular types of clothing in human history denim (from the French "de Nimes").You can find Roman architectural remains unmatched anywhere in Europe, making this region a very popular destination for tourists. Among the sites still visible to modern-day tourists are the amphitheater, the temple Maison Carree, and Pont du Gard aqueduct. For those seeking inspiration from more-current art and culture, Nimes is a "new" place as well, with leading designers and architects contributing to Nimes' modernity. You can see the Carre d'Art by Norman Foster (a museum dedicated to modern art). It's a good bet that residents of countries around the world have sampled products from this region as well, because the Nimes area is known for its wine and brandy, as well as for such special items as silk and certain types of machinery. The source for Perrier water is also near Nimes. France, in general, is a desirable destination for many travelers. Nimes attracts a significant portion of those wishing to experience the beauty and culture of the country.