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        The Flemish border is alongside Nord. Its influence is felt throughout the region. The flat plains and narrow waterways with windmills of the Flandre Maritime, make this an interesting experience. You can go from your Nord hotels to see Noordmeulin, the oldest windmill in Europe (1127). Bergues is a fortified wool town. Its major sight is a municipal museum while Dunkirk is home to a Maritime Museum. This Dunkirk attraction houses pictures of the evacuation of the British and French troops from these coasts during 1940. You can find these in the Museum of Fine Art. It is worth more than a weekend. Nord is the home of such dramatic history. In Lille, you can visit another of Vaubans fortified fortresses. This Lille attraction is is a five-star brick citadel with a garden. The garden now has a carousel. Visit the Palais de Beaux-Artes or the Museum of the 15th century Countess hospice. Lille is also home to excellent shops, perfect for spending money.