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      The Belfry Details

      There are many landmarks and monuments in France that have been listed as one of the most important historic monuments in the world. While people might expect these landmarks and monuments to be in the cities of the country, they could never be more wrong. This is because these attractions can also be found even in the smallest French towns like the Belfry, which is among the most beautiful landmarks in Bailleul.It was in 2005 that the Belfry, which can be found at the heart of the town, was recognized as among the most historic regional monuments by UNESCO. This fascinating piece of architecture towers above the rest of the business buildings and small houses that are in the heart of the town. The Belfry is a fascinating masterpiece that was an end result of a local design using the fusion of some of the classic ecclesiastical styles with the more localized practices in construction. Because of this, it can rightly be said that it is indeed one the best landmarks in Bailleul that is worthy of the acclaim that it has been given.

      Address: Beffroi 59270 Bailleul, France