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Cambrai is a commune in northern France known for its Cambric linens which were first produced in the 15th century. With a total of 36,700 inhabitants, this town is the favored destination for many tourists during the weekend. Cambrai has quite a few interesting attractions to offer, including the 18th century Hôtel-de-Ville which displays excellent neoclassical architecture. Today, this magnificent building functions as the Town Hall of Cambrai. The 18th century Cathédrale Notre-Dame is a great place to visit if you are interested in church buildings, but the main religious attraction of the town is the famous 17th century Léglise Saint-Géry. At the back of the cathedral, you will find the 15th century tower of Le Beffroi. The Musée Municipal is dedicated to the works of artists from the 18th century onwards.If you are booking a travel package that includes Cambrai hotels, make sure you look for quality discount hotels. Cambrai can be explored through some of the day tours included in travel packages. Most of the hotels in Cambrai are located close to the attractions and popular entertainment spots. There is an extensive list of Cambrai cheap hotels at that provide excellent accommodation and travel services.