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        On the Scarpe River in the Nord department, the city of Douai is found. It is a major industrial and commercial center, with the richest coalfield in the region. Plus, Renault has a large factory just outside of town. You may find that you have as many business people in your hotel as other tourists. However, the historic city of more than half a million people still has a number of sights worth seeing.The town is believed to be built on top of what was once the 4th century Roman settlement of Duacum. However, most visitors make a beeline for the town’s belfry. The unusual Gothic style was built in 1380 where an earlier tower had been. 62 bells can play tunes across five octaves. Not all of the bells are originals, though one called Joyeuse was created in 1471. They ring every 15 minutes, but can also be played by a keyboardist. This happens Saturday mornings and during other special events. Two other stops should be the town gate, which was built in 1453, and the priory of St. Gregory the Great dating from 1605.