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Cathedrals are the main attractions of this region of Picardy. In Nayon, the Cathedral of Notre Dame dates from 1150 to 1290. It is an excellent example of a perfect harmony between Gothic and Romanesque styles. In Beauvais, the Cathedral of St. Pierre is an unfinished rhapsody to the Gothic style. In Senlis, you find the 12th century Cathedral of Notre Dame. Chantilly, however, is a place in Oise famous for other than its churches and cathedrals. The city celebrates its culture in fine Chantilly lace and its food in thick Chantilly cream. Chantilly attractions include the Château de Chantilly. It has an artificial lake providing pleasant picnics and promenades. The Condé Museum within the Château houses Chantillys history in richly illustrated medieval tapestries. Another major Chantilly attraction is Le Nôtre a park with waterfalls and canals. You can also take part in one of the favorite Chantilly activities horse racing. You can visit the Grandes curies, a 18th century racing stable by the racetrack. It now contains the Living Horse Museum.