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    Compiegne is a lovely city that is situated along the Oise River. It is an old city, having been around since 665. Compiegne Forest is where the Armistice with Germany and the Armistice with France were signed. Those who journey here can expect to see many historical sights, along with such attractions as the Museum of the Motor Car, created in 1927, the Compiegne Palace, which was constructed by Louis XIV, and reconstructed by Louis XV. the Beauregard Tower, a remnant of where Charles the Bald lived, and the Antoine Vervel Museum, which houses Greek and Roman antiques.Shopping in Compiegne can be quite lucrative. Keep your eyes open for bargains! And, if you are hungry after all that shopping, no problem! Compiegne has a wide range of restaurants that are sure to please even the fussiest of diners. To find a discount hotel for your Compiegne trip, the best place for you to look is at Not only will you save money on your hotel room, you'll also have more cash to use on your French shopping spree.