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Long ago, Noyon was an industrial center of some importance. This is easy to understand, as Noyon is situated between both banks of the River Verse. Noyon is also the home of John Calvin, and his boyhood home has been turned into a museum in his honor. The Noyon Cathedral has much historical significance, as Emporer Charlemagne was crowned here in the year 768. This cathedral is open to the public for tours. Noyon is rich in both history and art. Anyone who enjoys one or both of these will have no problems finding attractions to suit them, as museums abound in Noyon.No one needs to miss the majestic beauty of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Noyon. It is a sight that you will remember all of your life. Noye was once a camp for the Roman military, and was also an important trade center. So, it stands to reason that the shopping is excellent in this city! Dining is a joy as well, with many cuisies to choose from. As for a hotel room, don't pay a premium price when you can find a wonderful room at a discount at! You will be genuinly surprised when you see just how much money you will be able to save.