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Saint Omer en Chaussée, located in the Picardy region of France, is 68 kilometers west northwest of Lillie, on the railway to Calais. This is a rural area, and the town has a small population of approximately 15,000 year round residents. The town is named afterThere are several restaurants in the town. One is the Hostel Monceaux , a former building from the revolution and now a restaurant. The other is the Forges of the Mill and it’s a renovated mill at the foot of Therain. Also of interest are the remains of an old fort on the western side of town that were converted into a park known as a “jardin public” or public garden. You can stroll alongside the three harbors of this town, or inside the uncluttered town squares. You may want to visit the town hall, which has a fine collection of records, a picture gallery and theatre. The old cathedral and huge square tower, dating from1499, contains interesting paintings, and a huge statue of Christ seated between the Virgin Mary and St. John. There are nearby towns and regular or discount hotels in which can help you find rooms at the best prices.