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Argentan is a town rich with history. You literally won’t go more than a block or two without something interesting having happened on the ground you’re standing on. Argentan has always been one of the most important towns in Normandy. This has worked in the town’s favor, and against it. A vital piece of French trading, it has made its citizens rich, and also served as a tempting place for opposing armies to attack. As a result, throughout the Middle Ages, Argentan was only ever one of two things: Rich, or burnt to the ground. Luckily, this is one town that has lived to tell the tale.With seventeen thousand citizens, you might expect to be able to grab a cheap room in Argentan by just “wingin’ it”. Well... don’t be so sure. When we say it’s an important town, we don’t mean just for the locals, but for travelers, as well. Are there plenty of hotels Sure, but will there be plenty of vacancies at good, discount hotels when you arrive Well, if you use there will be, otherwise, be prepared to pay an arm and a leg just to get a bed for the night.