Hotels in Rânes

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Rânes Details

Ranes lies in the Orne province of Nord-Pas-de-Calais in the Lower Normandy region of France. The town had been severely damaged during the Battle of Normandy and had to be rebuilt. It is a beautiful village on a hilltop abundant with greenery. It is the history of the place that attracts tourists apart from which there is plenty to explore and there are lots of activities such as fishing, hiking, camping etc that can hold your interest. As for finding a decent but cheap hotel, you can simply search here at the website for the best in discount hotels.Historical monuments such as the Fossoyee La Motte Couillardiere or the circular enclosure and the Renaissance octagonal tower with its beautiful facades and roofs, battlement alcoves, courtyard, pavilions and the park Le Notre are worth a visit. Then there is the castle Saut du Loup with its old moat and the legend of the fairy Argouges that goes with it. There is also a year round exhibition called ‘The Friends of Prehistory’. If you look out of your hotel window, you will be able to see ponds, meadows or the nearby wood.