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        The Center of New Industries and Technologies, CNIT, is one of the first buildings to ever be constructed in La Défense, Paris. It is a palace for the French Congress that houses the main offices and also functions as a convenience store for the congressmen and their visitors. The conference and exhibition center provides a unique and interactive place for people to meet and exchange information. Inside the different rooms are audiovisual services, video transmission, teledistribution and simultaneous interpretations that have been set to put on the Fifth International WWW Conference each year. By holding a conference here, visitors are given the comfort and the image that they deserve. The Center of New Industries and Technologies contains more than 3 Amphitheatres, 21 adaptable rooms, and has over 17,000 square meters of exhibition area. CNIT Paris is the biggest conference and exhibition center in Europe. There is no doubting in the convenience and suitability of this central hub of communication. It is probably most suited to its task because it is located on the west suburban side of the capital. CNIT is considered to be the very heart and soul of La Défense as well as the authoritative leader of new industry and technologies for France.

        Address: 2 Place de la Défense, 92800 Puteaux, France

        Phone: +33 1 46 92 26 00

        Opening hours: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

        Architect: Robert Edouard Camelot, Jean de Mailly, Bernard Zehrfuss