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        cole Militaire is located in Paris 7th arrondissement and its proximity to Tour Eiffel and Hôtel des Invalides makes it a popular landmark.Because of Frances long history of military campaigns, these buildings are antiques, dating back to the middle of the 18th century and featuring magnificent architecture that makes them a wonder to behold. Facing the Champ de Mars, these buildings were originally intended to serve as academies where disenfranchised citizens might serve their country and learn a valuable trade. Today, however, they house the College Interarmees de Defense, where officer candidates study, and the Institut des Hautes Etudes de Defense Nationale, where principles of national defense are studies in depth.

        cole Militaire was founded by Louis XV in 1750, but it would be another decade until the school actually opened its doors. As part of its history, cole Militaire counts Napoleon Bonaparte among its former students. This young prodigy studied in the cole des Cadets-gentilshommes (school of young gentlemen) in 1784 and took just one year to complete the course, rather than the usual two. The structures that make up cole Militaire were designed by Ange-Jacques Gabriel, who was the most prominent French of his generation. Aside from the glorious buildings themselves, visitors to cole Militaire also have the good fortune to witness the Eiffel Tower in the distance, overlooking the complex as a reminder of the values that its students are protecting.

        Address: 21 Place Joffre, 75007 Paris, France

        Established: 1750