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        Gare Saint Lazare Details

        Roughly halfway between Avenue des Champs lysées and Montmartre,Gare Saint Lazare is an imposing structure with some impressive credentials.This was the first railway station to be built in Paris, is the citys secondlargest, and is one of Paris six major railway termini. Built in 1837, the original Gare Saint Lazares main connection was from Paris to Saint-Germain-en-Laye. The current station gives you easy access to Normandy, as well as the United Kingdom via Dieppe. Gare Saint Lazare is surrounded by metro stations, the closest being Saint-Lazare opposite the front entrance. In addition to public transit, there are private transfers and low cost shuttles that will take you to central Paris and other locations in the city. You can also obtain transfers to the airport.

        The current structure of Gare Saint Lazare wasdesigned by Juste Lisch. It surrounds the older building, and has a 17th century Beaux-Arts style façade. This station was immortalized by the Impressionist Claude Monet in his 1877 painting of the same name. Here you can also see two works by the sculptor Armand Pierre Fernandez, better known as Arman: LHeure de tous and Consigne a vie. Gare Saint Lazare also makes a cameo appearance in the 1995 film French Kiss.

        Address:20P Rue de Rome, 75008 Paris, France