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        Hôpital Saint Louis Details

        The Hôpital Saint Louis is a modern medical facility located at 1 Avenue Claude-Vellefaux in Paris. Although thoroughly rooted in modern medicine today, the hospital has a rich history that is intertwined with the citys medieval past. Visitors who stay in hotels near the Hôpital Saint Louis in Paris will find themselves in close proximity to one of the citys oldest hospitals. The massive structure was originally constructed in 1607 on the orders of Henri IV to help the city better accommodate its sick following the plague epidemic of the late 1500's. It was named in honor of St. Louis because he died of the plague.The Hôpital Saint Louis includes several brick and stone buildings, along with a cathedral. It was designed by architect Claude de Chastillon and initially had only 300 beds despite its massive size. Through the years, the facility has served the city both as a hospital and also a wheat deposit.

        Address: 1 Avenue Claude-Vellefaux, 75010Paris, France

        Phone: +33 1 42 49 49 49