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        The Institut du Monde Arabe is a great representation for travelers of the relationship between Arab culture and French culture alike. It is recognized by its visitors as one of the most prestigious centers of art and politics in Europe. Tourists will find this site along their tour of historical Paris. Combined with this visit to the Institut du Monde Arabe, tourists often take the Metro lines 10 or 7 to the university building at Jussieu. Whether you choose to combine your visit to a Institut du Monde Arabe hotel with other sites, you will still be pleasantly surprised at the depth of knowledge that you will obtain at this place.This historical place is known for a curving wall that can be seen if you are facing to the north of the Seine. It comes to a sharp and deep cleft that meets a perpendicular block and then opens up to a view of a huge plaza. The Institut du Monde Arabe is also noted for the traditions of Arab latticework screens that are made of glass and steel. There are also some amazing light-sensitive diaphragms that regulate the lights coming into the building. You can even take your special someone to dine on the rooftop restaurant. The Institut du Monde Arabe is a great place to visit!

        Address: 1 Rue des Fossés Saint-Bernard, 75005 Paris, France

        Opened: 1987

        Open hours: 10:00 - 6:00 pm

        Phone: +33 1 40 51 38 38

        Architect: Jean Nouvel