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        Opera Bastille Details

        The Opera Bastille is the newer of the two opera houses in Paris. It was designed by a Canadian architect named Carlos Ott. This building is also the larger of the two main opera houses in Paris and gets its name from the Place de la Bastille. You can see the gigantic structure, covering an entire city block due to its almost 30 stories high with ten of these below ground. There are over 22,000 square meters on each level of the structure.The Opera Bastille is so immense that there are probably well over 45 kilometers of corridors in this building. The opera auditorium and stage occupy only four percent of the building's volume which can also attest to its immense size. It seats something over 2700 people which is quite large even by typical opera standards. The remaining parts of this cavernous edifice are dedicated to backstage areas. These parts of the Opera Bastille include the many workshops and all the infrastructure that is necessary to support a world-class grand-opera production. If you are planning your tour through Paris this year, don't forget to check out the Opera Bastille.

        Address: Place de la Bastille, 75012 Paris, France

        Phone: +33 1 40 01 19 70

        Opened: 1989

        Architect: Carlos Ott