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          Arras was once the capital of the province of Artois. Situated southwest of Lille, this town of 40,000 inhabitants features many historical attractions that make a great cultural trip for the weekend. Arras is well-known as a strategic point of defense during the World War I, and you will find several places of interest that are related to the war, including the Vimy Ridge, which is a trench used during the WWI, and the Mémorial des Fusillés, a place dedicated to the resistance fighters who died by the firing squad. Other than memorials, there are other historical buildings in Arras, including the 18th century Arras Cathedral, the Hôtel de Ville and the town squares of Grande Place and the Place des Héros. If you are interested in the arts, you can visit the Musée des Beaux Arts which is located in the former Benedictine Abbey.Arras hotels are mostly situated at the town center or in the vicinity of the places of interest. Depending on which area of the town you prefer, hotels in Arras can vary from luxury hotels to discount hotels. Arras is best seen through one of the guided tours offered by Arras hotels. You will find many Arras cheap hotels that provide great accommodation and travel services at the web site.