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      In the town of Arras in France, there are many ways for tourists to be able to know the history of the town. Aside from going to landmarks, museums and monuments, they can also take in the exhibition in town called the Historama. Viewing this highly informative show is one of the must-do activities in Arras.The exhibition is just a small one but it can nevertheless fascinate anyone who is interested to know about how Arras came to be as a town. It can be found quite close to the town hall at the Place des Heros, which is at the heart of the town. It can be accessed through a flight of stairs that can be found on the main town square. The show's main theme, as can be deduced from its name, is Arras' history and viewing this is practically one of the most enlightening activities in Arras that a tourist could do. It is usually presented in a short series of films and slide shows that chart the settlement in the town, from the earliest days to the present times.

      Address: Place des Héros, Arras 62000, France