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      Calais is the first town you see if you cross the English Channel into France by the tunnel or ferry. Many English tourists visit this wonderful town during the weekend. Calais has much to offer, including beautiful beaches and historic structures. The Bleriot Plage is a particularly favored destination during summer, when thousands of tourists flock to the beaches to enjoy the great sunshine. Along this beach, you will see the walls of the 17th century Old Citadel. Here, you will find interesting structures such the beautiful gates of Porte de Boulogne and Porte Royale ou de Neptune. Much of the old town of Calis was destroyed during the World War II, and you can find out about the terrible events of the war in the Musée de la Guerre. If you are an art lover, the Musée des Beaux Arts will definitely thrill you with its extensive collection of brilliant artworks.You can visit Calais through travel packages that include guided tours and discount hotels. Calais is particularly packed with tourists during summer, and many of the hotels in Calais will be occupied by visitors from across the channel during this time of the year. You can make reservations for Calais hotels here at A good list of Calais cheap hotels is also available at this web site, along with information on points of interest and guest reviews, to make the best choice you possibly can for accommodation that best suits your specific needs.