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      Calais Casino Details

      France is a country where you can fill your days to no end with all the activities that can be found to do. This is because France is brimming with entertainment venues that could just about fill the days and nights of any tourist. One of these is the Calais Casino, which is one of the main attractions in Calais when it comes to fun and enjoyment.One of the best entertainment venues in town, the Calais Casino is located on one of the main thoroughfares in this little port town in France. This casino has been a famous fixture in the town for quite a number of years, bringing in not only locals but also thousands of tourists who come to the area mostly by boat. As among the best attractions in Calais, the casino is open until late into the night when high rolling gambling games can still be enjoyed to the highest limits and fine cocktails and great food can be relished.

      Address: 59 Rue Royale, 62100 Calais, France