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Noyelles-Godault is just a two hour drive northeast from Paris. This town is preferred by those who wanted to have a quiet weekend. Noyelles-Godault is known to be a village that offers you access to some of Frances most pristine golf courses: the Golf d'Arras in Anzin Saint Aubin, Golf Public dOlhain in Houdain and Golf Club de Bethune in Bethune. These golf courses feature 18-hole golf courses and sports facilities for the whole family. Of course, the town itself has its own historical structure which is the Eglise Saint-Martin. Its last known reconstruction was in 1918 but there are parts of the church that was built as early as the 16th century.There are hotels in Noyelles-Godault that can be considered discount hotels. Information on Noyelles-Godault and its attractions can be found in where you can also book your Noyelles-Godault hotels. With its proximity to golf courses and a quiet neighborhood, Noyelles-Godault cheap hotels has become the perfect accomodations for those who want to have a quiet and relaxing break.