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Enval is a small town (or commune) located within the Puy de Dôme region in the south of France. The region itself was named after the volcano in the area. There are cheap hotels in Enval and the surrounding areas. A small village called Montpeyroux is about three kilometers from Enval and has some interesting architecture from the 13th and 14th centuries, including a fortress tower and a clock gate. The cobbled streets invite you to explore and admire the beautiful gardens of the residents. There are no cars allowed in the village, but there is a large parking area just outside of it that you can use for free. The village is also about 460 meters above sea level, so it has very impressive views of the surrounding countryside.Another interesting spot close by Enval is Riom. It is a Renaissance village about seven kilometers away. There are a number of churches and buildings that date back to the 13th and 14th centuries that are still standing and able to be toured today. They include the church of St. Amable and Notre Dame du Martharet. This particular area is certainly not as populated and busy as the other areas of France, but that's probably what makes the discount hotels in Enval and the surrounding villages so restful and charming.