Hotels in Riom

Riom Details can help you plan your trip to Riom. Riom is a department in Puy de Dôme, France. The volcano, Puy de Dôme, is the most notable local attraction. This is one of the youngest volcanoes in this region of south-central France. Many who come to Riom enjoy the outdoors. Cycling is a popular sport. The terrain is ideal for mountain climbing, hiking and bird watching. A popular local activity is paragliding. You will find affordable hotels in Riom, France near all these attractions.When you visit Riom, take the time to explore the history of the city. The founders built the city around the Church of Saint Amable. Later, it would be the capital of the Auvergne County. The town is old and still has old architecture throughout it. Visitors can book discount hotels in Riom, France within walking distance of many of the citys churches, older buildings and shopping centers.