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The little commune of Arette is located in the department of Pyrenees Atlantiques in France. Arette is well known for its skiing runways. During the off-season, these runways are used for hiking. Hikers are warned not to attempt to hike in this area when there is skiing going on, for fear there will be a human collision. Late spring and during the summer are the best times for hiking. The ski resort is known as La Pierre-Saint Martin. Tandem skiing is allowed here, as well as ski jeering. Discount hotels in Arette can be had that are close to all the action.Snowshoeing and ATV riding are also hugely popular, as these activities give those who do not ski something fun to do. Sledding and tobogganing, dog sledding, and building your own igloo, then sleeping in it overnight are just a few of the many activities that are possible. There are shops close by for those who enjoy shopping, as well as restaurants for that perfect meal. The budget hotels in Arette offer their guests excellent services in pleasant settings.