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Alexandre Newsky Church Details

There are so many interesting tidbits of facts that can be discovered in France. One of these is the fact that there was quite a huge Russian population in the country before the Russian Revolution and this was in Biarritz. Because of this, one of the attractions in Biarritz is the Alexandre Newsky Church.This church is known to be quite a great piece of architecture that can be found close to the areas of Biarritz that are near the coast. Considered to be one of the finer buildings for religion in the town, the Russian Orthodox church is part and parcel of the Russian influence that has help in shaping the development of the town into the tourist resort that it is now. As this is the case, there are many people who believe that the church is one of the most significant attractions in Biarritz. So, if you are in town during your holiday, the Alexandre Newsky Church is definitely one attraction that you should not miss.