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While not all people are into Asian art, there are now a growing number of them whose interests in this particularly enchanting art form have made them look for galleries and museums featuring this type of art. One of these museums is Asiatica, the visiting of which is truly one of the favored activities in Biarritz by Asian-art lovers, among others.If you are in the main tourist areas in town, then you can locate the Asiatica to your south. It houses one of the most highly regarded collections of Asian and Oriental art. In fact, this collection is known to be one of the finest exhibitions in the western world. While this museum, like Asian and Oriental art, can often be overlooked because of the great number of prolific and high-profile artists in Europe, there are now many who think that going to Asiatica is one of the best activities in Biarritz to be experienced. This is true as the growth of the Asian and Oriental market has been noted recently.

Address: 1 Rue Guy Petit, 64200 Biarritz, France

Phone: +33 5 59 22 78 78