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Cerbère is a small town in France, right on the border with Spain. Cerbère is known for being the host to the French side of the train line between Perpignan and Barcelona. Spain and France use different rail gauges, so the border stations are some of the busiest train stations in either country. When staying in Cerbère, you’ll quickly notice that this is a diving town. Deep sea diving is very good off the coast of Cerbere, and the first marine reserve in France, is here. The Réserve naturelle de Cerbère-Banyuls-sur-Mer covers 650 ha of sea.The architecture in Cerbère is very beautiful, and the city boasts many monuments. Be sure to visit the Belveder du Rayon Vert hotel, an art deco style built to resemble a ship. Be sure, as well, to visit the solar lighthouse at Cap Cerbère. The view is spectacular, because of the very high nearby cliffs. Cerbère boasts many hotels; several are full service seaside resorts. But there are quite a few discount hotels in Cerbère as well. Here on, we can help you find the Cerbère hotel that’s perfect for your activities and your budget.