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Aquitaine is famous for being the home of Eleanor of Aquitaine, mother of Richard the Lion Heart. It was she who brought this French region under English dispute. A part of Southern France, for a weekend, Aquitaine is, for some, the ideal way to spend a vacation. Staying in hotels in Aquitaine take many back to France’s la Belle Epoque. Even Aquitaine cheap hotels have a certain jaded flavor of earlier grandeur times. Check with to reserve a room in Aquitaine hotels to ensure you can enjoy the visits to the region’s 18th century cities, savoring the art and culture of this area at the Musée d’Aquitaine with its historical overview of both rural and urban Aquitaine or at the Musée des Beaux-Arts.Even stay a weekend in discount hotels will provide you with someof this region’s flavor. Aquitaine is not simply the cosmopolitan French of a Biarritz, but is also home to the Basque culture. There is the Musée Basque in the capital of French Basque country. It illustrates the ethnic, cultural and linguistic differences between the ancient Basque civilization and the French.