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        Ask almost anyone staying at hotels in Champagne-Ardenne why they are there. There is little doubt. Most individuals go to Champagne-Ardenne for one thing – the Champagne. This is a region famous for its vineyards and wine cellars. For many travelers, in a weekend, Champagne-Ardenne reveals nothing but its fine wines. Even from discount hotels, Champagne-Ardenne displays its vineyards covering valleys and slopes. Even in Champagne-Ardenne cheap hotels, tourists may obtain some of this region’s major product. Yet, as those who book Champagne-Ardenne hotels through soon discover, the region offers more than wine and wine tours. There are Medieval Market Towns, Castles and fortifications to explore. There is the hilltop castle of Château-Thierry. It guards the Marne River and dates from the time when Joan of Arc fought to save France. You can shop at Troyes, visiting the ancient wooden timbered homes. There are Romanesque churches and, of course, the Notre Dame Cathedral at Reims.