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          Corse, better known as Corsica, is an untamed wilderness where the people are neither Italian nor French. A province of France from 1769, this region is the third biggest island in the Mediterranean. Travelers to Corse hotels describe it as an island of rugged cliffs, remote coves and varied nightlife. For some individuals in a weekend, Corse has provided a glimpse of the island’s unsavory past of bandits and other rogues. Some stay in hotels in Corse to explore the history of Napoleon Bonaparte; other remain in Corse cheap hotels so they can afford to explore the 16th century Geonese Citadel, the Castle of San Colombo and the Pisan-Romanesque church dating from the 12th century in Canari.From discount hotels, Corse offers visitors the chance to view ancient religious festivals. Spend a weekend, Corse will introduce you to its unpolluted seas with their clean beaches and sundry marinas. Go inland from the ferry terminal at Îsle Rousse with its red cliffs to the Maison Bonaparte, the Palais Fesch and the Chapelle Impériale or wander the narrow cobbled lanes of Sartene.