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      Étang de Berre or the Berre Lagoon is a small section near the mouth of the Rhone River. It resides in the principality of Martiques. In the past, pollution and ecological difficulties threatened to destroy the beauty of the Lagoon area. The cleanup has been successfully executed. Today, visitors to Étang de Berre hotels can enjoy the lagoon and the places in and around its banks. Look to for help in locating hotels in Étang de Berre and find accommodations suitable to your pocketbook. Staying in Étang de Berre cheap hotels may help extend your trip. Let discount hotels, Étang de Berre –style, ensure your stay is not financially beyond your needs.Spend a weekend, Étang de Berre can show you old and modern France. There are modern villas in such communities as Saint Chamas, but there are also ancient homes painted in the traditional colors of Provençe. The pastel shades on external walls contrast with the colors of shutters and the trim. Be sure to visit France’s first Blackpowder Factory. Built under Louis XIV in the 17th century, the company remained open until the 1980s. It now acts as a museum.