Hotels in Lac du Bourget

        Lac du Bourget Details

        Lac du Bourget has the honor of being one of the biggest natural lakes in France. Known for its parks and garden, the city Aix-les-bains in this region is well-known for its numerous parks, gardens, and flowers. In Lac du Bourget, hotels lead you to spa resorts and Mount Revard which is ideal for hiking and cross country skiing. An escape for high society, Queen Victoria herself used to visit these perfect landscapes incognito. With so many discount hotels, Lac du Bourget can send you to the Roman Arc de Campanus monument or the Musee Faure. Hotels in Lac du Bourget can also give you the perfect point from which to visit the center of town which houses the Parc Thermal with a fountain, trees, flowers, and an outdoor theatre that seats up to 300. This theater plays host to many events throughout the year. Lac du Bourget hotels also put you in reach of Abbaye d’Hautecombe which is the final resting place of royalty that includes the King and Queen of Italy. While you might not be able to cover a lot of ground in one weekend, Lac du Bourget is worth a trip. Go to for more information.