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    The region of Limousin in France is a great place for lovers of ceramics to spend a weekend. Limousin has been home to Joseph Goscimski, Patrick Rathonie, and Claude Soulat. Each of them has made significant contributions to the art of ceramics and ceramic painting. Those who stay in Limousin hotels can also enjoy the architecture of the region. Examples of this include the Notre Dame du Pont Chapel, the Saint Guignefort Chapel, the Saint Amand Abbey, the Executioner Tower, the Notre-Dame Bridge, and many more. Another interesting fact about this region that visitors to hotels in Limousin soon discover is that the town is known for its leather work and for leather gloves specifically. With discount hotels, Limousin can reveal this unique bit of culture to you without costing you a lot of money. Limousin cheap hotels can lead you to the Ostensions which honors the saints of Limousin. It is a complicated process but well worth it if you happen to be in town to behold this ritual. Go to for more information.