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    Lorraine, although bordered by the three different countries of Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany, has remained a mostly a distinctly French region. In order to enjoy the historical splendors in the region, can be used by travelers to plan a week or weekend. Lorraine has the Museums of the Cour d'Or which exhibits relics and info on over five thousand years of ancient history. Also, those staying in Lorraine hotels would be remiss not to visit Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains, France’s oldest church. Discount hotels Lorraine offers give visitors a firsthand look at the beauty of Maison des Sept Péchés Capitaux, which has seven life-sized statue women mystically representing the seven deadly sins. For those wanting a little time with nature outside of their hotels in Lorraine, vacationers can visit the Parc naturel de Lorraine for an incredible hiking experience. And finally, for those wanting a great musical experience there is the Orchestre National de Lorraine which plays traditional and contemporary pieces at the Arsenal on a regular basis. Lorraine cheap hotels, wonderful musical offerings and impressive sights all make this region worth a visit.