Hotels in Massif Central

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    Massif Central is located in France and is made up of plateaus and mountains. Visitors who travel to this region often stay for a week or a weekend. Massif Central is near the Alps and has been prone to volcanism. Massif Central hotels offer guests pleasant accommodations that will provide them with a comfortable stay. There are many hotels in Massif Central. If you enjoy traveling frugally, there are Massif Central cheap hotels that you can find. Choose from a great variety of discount hotels Massif Central offers through to Massif Central will enjoy seeing the Auvergne Mountains. There are also four major rivers that visitors will want to see. They are the Garonne, Loire, Seine, and the Rhône. Massif Central is bordered by the Rhône-Saône valley, the Aquitaine, the Languedoc, and the Loire basin. The Puy de Sancy is the highest mountain within the region. Its peak is about 6,200 feet high.