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    It's common to think of Rome or Stonehenge when you think about prehistoric sites in Europe, however France has its own history found in the region of Périgord. This area's famous caves draw thousands of visitors each year. The hotels in Périgord are very clean and comfortable and can accommodate you regardless of the length of your stay. It doesn’t matter if you are in town for a while or only the weekend Périgord can be sure you are comfortable. The discount hotels Périgord has to offer are a good option for those watching their spending. The good news is the Périgord cheap hotels are well equipped too.One place visitors looking to explore the ancient cave carvings, rock formations, and Abyss of Padirac should visit is the Dordogne valley. You can also view castles and charming villages from this vantage point. The Périgord hotels are more than able to give you information about the various attractions.